X3 Vane 1.75"

$17.68 - $30.91
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Introduced in 2019, the 1.75" X3™ Vane is made of ultra-stiff material for maximum arrow stabilization and quiet flight, with the same profile as the shield cut X Vane. We recommend it for 3D, indoor spots, Fita and Field. The 1.75" (44.5mm) X3 Vane measures 0.40" (10.2mm) in height and weighs an average of 4.3 grains (285.1 mg). Like all Bohning vanes, the base of the X3 Vane is pre-primed for optimal adhesion. Due to the ultra-stiff material, we recommend using an instant glue and/or a fletching jig with high adhesion force such as Bohning's Tower Jig or Multi-Fletcher. Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.


  • 5
    Love them

    Posted by NEIL KEEBLE on 6th Feb 2024

    Moved from X Vane to X3, love them

  • 5
    Accuracy and flat fly

    Posted by Dei Goñi on 28th Oct 2022

    I used in my 3D arrow in 1.75", with 3 vanes with 2° offset.
    They fly amazing and accuracy. Great product.

  • 5
    X vanes

    Posted by Jeremy on 25th Oct 2021

    These are some of the best an durable vanes I've used

  • 5

    Posted by Edward Smith on 15th Apr 2021

    Went from x vanes to x3s unbelievable you people could something that is already great. Use these on my target arrows and blazers on my hunting arrows greatest products on the market.

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    x3 vanes 1.75

    Posted by chris arledge on 1st Apr 2021

    vanes are great

  • 5
    X3 vane 1.75

    Posted by Greg scott on 18th Feb 2021

    Great vane same profile as the x vane but built with a stiffer material
    Love the way the look, and stabilise my arrow flight

  • 5
    These Vanes are HOT!

    Posted by Don Williams on 6th Aug 2020

    I put these on my VTAC-23's in a 4 fletch for my target bow. Fast, straight and true! These are the best and I will only use these.

  • 5
    X3 Vane 1.75"

    Posted by Darrel on 10th Jun 2020

    I just put them on my arrows. Have not been able to see how they shoot yet, because of surgery on bow hand, they do look good.

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    Excellent vane for 22-27 series arrows outdoor

    Posted by MICHAEL HARPER on 8th Dec 2019

    Both my boys won IBO Shooter of the Year shooting X3 vanes on 23 series arrows.