Bronco 3"

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The 3" Bronco® Vane (formerly called the 3" Parabolic X Vane™) is an incredibly versatile vane. We recommend it for compound and recurve archers shooting indoor spots, and it is NASP approved. The 3" Bronco Vane performed exceedingly well on crossbow bolts during Bohning's comprehensive field testing, and for traditional archers looking for a profile similar to feathers but with superior durability, the 3" Bronco Vane is a great option! The 3" (76.2mm) Bronco Vane measures 0.50" (12.7mm) in height and weighs an average of 8.5 grains (389mg). Like all Bohning vanes, the base of the 3" Bronco Vane is pre-primed for optimal adhesion.
Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.


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    Posted by Jerry Hoppe on 23rd May 2023

    Great vanes for a fingers shooter

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    Bronco 3” vanes

    Posted by Dean Burnett on 8th May 2023

    Great looking vane with a large groove for applying glue. Works very well on Easton 1516 arrows.

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    Bronco 3" Vane

    Posted by William Ruiz on 3rd May 2021

    Although the product looks promising and I have no worries on quality it's not quite what I thought I ordered. I was seeking Vanes to replace damaged ones on our NASP qualified Genesis 1820 arrows. The length of the Vane is correct but the height is shorter than the original vanes on the arrows. I searched several sites for the Genesis specific Vanes and this is the one that kept popping up. Not sure if I'll keep these or return them.