Black Sky TrueFletch

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Black Sky True Fletch offers a fast and easy way to fletch crossbow bolts and arrows. It fits arrows from 0.219 -0.375" (5.6 - 9.5mm). Slowly submerge in boiling water to apply. Store in a cool place until use. Black Sky True Fletch measures 5" (12.7cm) in length.Average weight 36 grains. Stiffer and quiter AR1250 material. 6 per pack.

The Black Sky vanes on your True Fletch are on a 1° right angle, however, the final angle may vary depending on the method you use to dip the True Fletch into the boiling water.  If you submerge it straight down then twist back and forth, the offset will remain at approximately 1° right. Twisting clockwise while submerging the True Fletch provides a 1.5° to 2° right angle, and twisting counter-clockwise provides a 0.5° to 1° right angle. 

This is the perfect product to easily refletch your crossbow bolts!