Weekly Special 8

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Prepare for the season with our Arrow Prep Package.

This Package will include:

  • Cauldron Jig
    • Advanced Fletching Jig
    • Fletch any Diameter Arrow
    • 3 Vanes at once
    • No Tools Needed
    • Fletch - Straight - 1 deg right or left - 3 deg right or left
  • Strip Pro
    • Our newly redesigned arrow stripping tool
    • Remove old fletchings and wraps
    • Ergonomically designed 
    • Blade and handle designed to protect your arrows
  • SSR
    • Especially designed powder to clean your arrow shafts
    • Remove adhesive and oils from your shaft before fletching
  • Cool Flex or Ferr-L-Tite Adhesive
    • Hot Melt Adhesives
    • Designed for Points and inserts
    • Cool Flex for use with Carbon Arrows 
    • Ferr-L-Tite for use with Aluminum arrows